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» SkAT-VG european project : GENESIS takes part to sound design processes innovation  

High-tech: Uttering the sound of future products

GENESIS participates to the European research project SkAT-VG (Sketching Audio Technologies using Voice and Gestures) focused on the development of innovative sound design techniques (FP7-FET funding).

SkAT-VG has the goal of allowing sound designers to use voice and gesture to sketch the sound they want to give to the products (similar to the pen and paper of a graphic designer) and then make the creative process more intuitive, rapid and efficient as possible.

The acoustic company GENESIS is the industrial developer in the project, along with three other partners, the IUAV University of Venice who coordinated the project with their department of sound design, the KTH institute of Stockholm with their voice department and three research teams from IRCAM in Paris.

Since the creation, fifteen years ago, GENESIS has been specializing in the simulation of a 3D sound environment, sound design and psychoacoustic fields, and permanent R&D activity. The company can work with the sound emitted from golf clubs to the sound comfort of the TGV.

Their notable development was the creation of the software LEA “the Photoshop of sound” said Volkswagen, which is used today around the world. For example, in the automotive industry, LEA analyses and shapes the best sound for the doors and engines of the cars.

In the SKAT project, GENESIS interacts with sound designers on the creative process to know if or how they use voice and gesture. It appears that they often don’t use these early in the design process, especially because they are not used to it and as a result may shy away from it. However, it appears that there can be gain a significant advantage in terms of interactivity and efficiency.

In this project, GENESIS is also creating a software prototype in which the scientific partners integrate their research. They want the tool to be intuitive and efficient, it will be sufficient to speak the desired sound into the computer, and the software will generate sounds that are similar and easily adaptable to the object or the desired use.  The company takes care to collaborate with some leading industrial clients to test and apply the new tool and methodology.

Project homepage: http://skatvg.iuav.it/

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