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» The collaboration between Renault and Genesis gives rise to R-Sound Effect application.  

GENESIS, specialist in automotive sound design

The collaboration between Renault and Aix en Provence based acoustic engineering company gives rise to R-Sound Effect application.
With this application, the driver can choose the sound of the engine aboard New Renault Clio featuring R-Link, the new connected multimedia system.

This technology implementation is the result of a long collaboration between the GENESIS engineers and the Renault acoustic research team. 10 years of research were needed to understand what parts of the sound, what frequencies, gave all its signature to the sound of an engine. The first steps have helped to refine the acoustic analysis process, and then to understand how to synthesize, that is to say, artificially generate by an algorithm the sound of an engine. The idea was then to mix the natural sound of the original engine with the synthesized sound. The additional sound must follow the change in engine speed to mix with the natural sound. This technology has been patented for both partners to fully value it at the international level.

This work led to the development by Genesis of the new technology ASD (Active Sound Design) and the development of the application by Renault R-Sound Effect aboard New Renault Clio fitted with the new connected entertainment system R-Link.

On New Renault Clio fitted with R-Link system with R-Sound Effect, the sound effect is remarkable because the final sound always seems to come from the engine when a part is played by the loudspeakers. R-Sound Effect offers the driver a choice between 6 engine sounds to customize the sound environment in his car, from the V6 engine to the vintage vehicle, through the sound of a motorcycle or a space vehicle for example. The driver can adjust the sound level: very subtle additional sound or very strong like a racing car.He can also cut the additional sound to find the original sound of the engine.

GENESIS continues research and development of tools for engine sound design. Indeed, the sounds of engines can be a source of pleasure but also of information, for example, for the gear shifting with quieter and quieter engines. ASD is the innovative technology of the XXI century for engine sound design, without tampering with the exhausts, and for the tranquility of the residents who also enjoy the progress for quieter vehicles. These sound generation technology can also be applied to electric and hybrid vehicles, for the pleasure and sound information of the driver as well as external sounds to warn pedestrians of the approach of a quieter than usual vehicle.

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