, household appliances, food tests...

Trigger the sale with a custom sound!

The sound of a mechanical repetition watch, the sound of a golf club or a tennis racket hitting the ball , the opening of a soda can or a beer bottle, the cracking of a crisp under your teeth, the pschitt of a perfume, the aspiration sound of a vaccum cleaner, the sound of a fridge or a washing machine...

With so many little sounds, we can help you turn them into a sound signature for your brand.

Get ahead of the competition an attractive sound signature!

Your needs

 LUXURY GOODS - A quality perception and brand image indicator

 CONSUMER GOODS AND FOOD INDUSTRY - A distinctive sign of your brand (eg. Opening sound of package, a bottle or a can)

 HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES - Control the noise annoyance and its impact on a client's satisfaction

Our solutions

Product sound design
Psychoacoustics analysis
 Jury testing
Descriptors and metrics by type of product

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