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Audio, Hi-Fi, Telecom leads us towards Sound Quality, Intelligibility and the pleasure of listening.


GENESIS provides expertise in sound quality assessment on your audio systems and in establishing the correlation between the subjective sound quality perception and the objective physical parameters.

Your needs

 Objective Sound Quality of high end Hi-Fi loudspeakers
 Sound quality assessment of a cell phone    
 Objectivization of the sound quality of an hand-free cell phone kit
 Objectivization of the sound quality of car radio 
Our solutions

LEA "The sound lab for industry"
geneRADIO for assessment of the sound quality of car radio
geneHFT for assessment of the sound quality of a hand free terminal

Among others, GENESIS has achieved:
Development of an audio component Impulsive Noise Audibility Indicator for ST-ERICSSON
Objectivization of car radio in vehicles for RENAULT
Research on perceptive dimensions of HI-FI loudspeakers for CANON R&D

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