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Similar to the automotive industry, the end-customer is the traveller using the transportation. However, subway commuters, frequent flyers, and cruise  passengers have different expectations regarding sound comfort.

GENESIS helps the transport industry manufacturers take these considerations into account by  predicting the ambient noise at each step of the design and manufacturing  process.

In train stations, airports, and metro stations; the intelligibilty of spoken words through announcements are vital for information and security. GENESIS conducted studies for the RATP (Paris railway) to predict and measure intelligibility. Genesis can also provide the software, LEA, to allow you to conduct your own investigations.

Your needs

 Acoustic comfort studies
 Flight or driving simulator
 Detection of noise annoyance sources  
 Intelligibility of the spoken word   

Our solutions

 Audio simulators
 LEA "The sound lab for industry"
geneINTEL, software for speech intelligibility assessment

SNCF simulator

GENESIS realized for the Research and Technology Department of SNCF (French railway company) a Soundscape Design Tool (called ODAS) to recreate a realistic sound environment inside a TGV coach.

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