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Do you design objects or transportation systems? The audio aspects of these products have a major influence on the perception of quality, identity, and comfort.

Thanks to our full control over the sound perception measurement process, we establish the link between your marketing teams and your technical development teams to ensure the highest sound quality for your products.

GENESIS responds to your requests in its various areas of expertise:

 Psychoacoustics and objective metrics: To characterize the subjective perception of sound

 Product sound design: From ring tone to engine sound, or the warning sounds of electric vehicles

 Intelligibility studies: For improving the understanding or restitution of speech in reverberant or noisy environments

Sound perception objectivization module

Objectivization is a GENESIS speciality. It consists of establishing the correlation between subjective sound perception and objective acoustic parameters. Our models calculate the sound perception criterias and are immediately operational.

Room acoustics models

GENESIS can generate models simulating the acoustic response of a specific building based on its blueprints. From a simple 3D playback, you can assess the influence of your architectural choices (such as volumes, materials, furniture), and of the surrounding sounds (such as people, sound systems, traffic, etc).

Objectivisation of car suspensions rattle noise

In some situations, the suspension system of vehicles may produce a specific sound called rattle noise. It may be perceived by the driver and wrongly considered as a malfunction of the vehicle.

To know more, please download below our paper presented at Acoustics'08.

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