GENESIS was created in July 1999 by 7 engineers in acoustics, computers, and electronics. They are former employees of the company STERIA-DIGILOG and previously from DIGITONE-DIGILOG which is dedicated to digital sound.

Among GENESIS' founders were several former research engineers from the IRCAM and the LMA-CNRS of Marseille.

In 2004, GENESIS developed the LEA software (LEA stands for French “Logiciel d’Expertise Acoustique), “The sound Lab for Industry”. It is dedicated to sound quality and sound design, bringing strong added value to the acoustics department of leading industrial companies.

In 2005, GENESIS won plaudits for its scientific contributions and technological expertise. It was awarded the Industry Prize by the Société Française d'Acoustique (SFA), counting 1000 engineers and researchers in acoustics.

Today, Genesis experiences strong growth and a leading position  for high end sound simulators with prestigious customers such as RENAULT, PSA, SNCF, AIRBUS, EUROCOPTER, and the French Navy. Genesis is also  recognized by global players in Europe, Japan, Korea, China and North America.

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