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» 6th Symposium Automotive & Railway Comfort: Le Mans, 21 & 22 October 2010  

GENESIS is present at the 6th Symposium on Automotive and Railway Comfort, that helds at the Palais des Congrès et de la Culture, Le Mans on October 21-22, 2010.

GENESIS solutions on demonstration:

- LEA software for sound analysis/synthesis, target sounds design, psychoacoustics, 3D playback,

   Interested in evaluating LEA's potential? Come with your sound files (.wav format) and test its capabilities !

- geneBOX prototype, a generator of onboard sound for electric vehicles which also works to improve vehicle comfort in automobiles containing a heat engine.

- geneCARS, the car sound simulator for research, training or marketing driving simulators. geneCARS generates in real-time with a high realism powertrain, aerodynamic and rolling noises as well as sounds for traffic with a 3D rendering,

- A sound design method using LEA, geneCARS/geneBOX to create your own customized sound synthesis data sets (eg Electric Vehicle) for your simulator/your car,  

- 3D sound playback systems for sound quality studies and jury testing.

Come to visit us !

» Program of the 6th Symposium  (982.6 Ko .pdf)

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