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"Active Sound Design"


As an Actor of the automotive industry or audio supplier, you noticed out the growing interest for the ESE (Engine Sound Enhancement) technologies as a solution for the Engine Sound Design.

Today, Genesis provides the ASD solution, an efficient, innovative and comprehensive solution for your Engine Sound Enhancement needs.

Schema ASD

The natural engine is mixed with a synthesizer, which changes with the engine speed and engine load.

The four Genesis assets:

1. A patented technology since 2012, for a natural and controlled sounds have been created to provide the driver a real sensation of illusion and immersion.

2. A low cost algorithm that is easy to implement in every modern car audio system.

3. A well-tested and commercialized solution since 2013.

4. A comprehensive software suite for sound design; from design to mass production.


geneBOX and bluetooth control tablet

The GeneBOX and the Bluetooth control tablet


ASD technology has been implemented for the first time in the 2013 RENAULT CLIO (R-Link / R-Sound Effect option). It offers users a selection of different playful or sport sounds.



This electronic solution can also be used for hybrid and electric cars, in order to add sound in the interior and create an exterior sound for warning pedestrians.



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