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GENESIS creates realistic, interactive soundscapes using real-time audio systems that can be integrated with simulators and virtual reality platforms.

 Interactivity and 3D sound - your keys to unrivalled realistic sound

With expertise in two key technologies, real-time digital audio synthesis and 3D sound, we can  achieve realistic soundscapes and a sensation of immersion.

 Customized services

Our solutions have a modular software architecture that provides synthesis modules, playback models, 3D sound and effects modules or customized design, development, and integration services.

 geneCARS, the Car Sound Simulator

geneCARS is an advanced real-time audio synthesis tool for the generation of car-related sounds: powertrain, aerodynamics and rolling noises, screeching wheels, traffic, and engine starter. 3D real-time processing allows 3D audio rendering of each sound source.

 geneCOPTER, for training and research helicopter simulators

geneCOPTER is a software solution that allows the real-time generation of 3D sound environments  specific to helicopters. It also manages the intercom.

 geneVR, for virtual realiy applications

geneVR allows the restitution of spatialized 3D audio sounds in real time, according to virtual directions and head orientation provided by a head tracker.

Active Sound Design ASD,

ASD is an innovative technology of sound synthesis for active engine sound enhancement.

GENESIS audio systems are specially designed for being integrated into simulators and virtual reality platforms taking into acount data from an Ethernet network.

The sound database is open, meaning that customized sounds can be created by GENESIS or by the customer.

Audio simulator SHERPA

GENESIS created in 2004 for PSA Peugeot Citroën the audio part of their real-time driving simulator SHERPA.

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