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The signal analysis, sound design and psychoacoustics software package for acousticians.

Boost your sound design with a time-frequency sculpting tool

LEA's graphic representations provide you with simple yet powerful tools for altering sound characteristics with just a click of the mouse.

A full suite of analysis tools...

LEA is built with ground-breaking algorithms developed in partnership with the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research). It is the leading tool for the analysis of physical sound characteristics.

… focusing on auditory perception

With LEA, play back the sound you are working on in 3D, at any stage in the process, and calculate its psychoacoustic parameters.

The gate to unique applications

LEA offers linkes to 2 major automobile oriented software modules:

ASD Designer: Design engine sounds and generate additional sounds using the audio system of the vehicle

geneCARS: Interactive sound simulation for Driving Simulators, human factor studies, and NVH purposes

Powerful, intuitive and user-friendly

Reduce the time spent in sound studies with the power of LEA and its user-friendly interface. Install it on a laptop to provide a field-based recording, analysis, and playback system to use with your customers.

Download LEA brochure - English Version

Noise source identification

A starter with reduction gear is noisy.

The goal is to find the source of annoyance and to identify the defective component.

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